Turn your ideas into start-ups

Berkeley is full of bright minds and creative power, yet there is no major campus-wide event dedicated to entrepreneurship. We, at Sigma Eta Pi, wish to change this and help entrepreneurial-minded people achieve their potential.As such, we strive to create a hub for entrepreneurs to meet, network, and learn.
Engage with the entrepreneurial community on campus and in the Bay Area, meet other passionate spirits and established professionals, and learn how to turn your ideas into start-ups — all at Cal Entrepreneurship Expo.

Learn from their experience

We want to showcase founders you can relate to who have succeeded.

Greg Kidd (moderator), founder at 3taps, a platform that collects and distributes exchange-related data. Gregg is an alumni of Yale School of Management, Harvard’s Kenney School of Government and Brown University; he is also active in mountain bike racing.

Sebastian Stadil, founder of Scalr, an open source web-based cloud computing platform. Sebastian has been active in cloud computing since 2004, starting with web services for e-commerce and then for computational resources. He is also the founder of the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group, a user group of over 3700 members that meets monthly to present the latest developments in the industry.

Gagan Biyani, co-founder of Udemy, a website that enables anyone to teach and learn online; instructors can use a variety of formats to easily share their knowledge with anyone with an internet connection. He grew up in the Silicon Valley and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics and is also a columnist for MobileCrunch.com. He loves watching the San Francisco 49ers and California Golden Bears, playing sports, enjoying the fine foods of Berkeley and San Francisco, and hanging out with friends and family.

Eric Zhang, co-founder of Flotype, makers of Now JS, a technology making easy to build scalable, real-time web services. A former UC Berkeley student, Eric has been building websites since age 8. When not in front of his desk at the office, you’ll find him cooking, rock climbing, cycling, using a coupon, or some combination of those.

Andy Zhang, co-founder of MunchOnMe, the online deal finder for local food options. Andy is currently taking a year off from his studies at UC Berkeley to ensure the successful growth of his first start-up.

meet Justin Yoshimura from 500friends

We will feature a brief talk from from Justin Yoshimura about his experience as an entrepreneur.

Justin is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is currently the founder and CEO of YCombinator-backed social loyalty platform 500friends. Prior to 500friends, he co-founded CCG, which he grew to over 100 employees worldwide and an eventual acquisition in 2010. He started his first company, CellsWholesale.com when he was 16, which was acquired in 2009 after reaching $8M in annual revenues. He is also an angel investor in promising start-ups which include Hipmunk, Zencoder, Gazehawk, ifeelgoods, BoostCTR, PathJoy, OwnLocal, and Torbit. Besides entrepreneurship, Justin is passionate about animals, especially dogs, persian/exotic cats, dolphins, capybaras, platypuses, and manatees.

Who are we?

We, at Sigma Eta Pi, are both an entrepreneurship student organization and a fraternity. We combine the culture of innovation of an entrepreneurship organization and the strong sense of brotherhood in a fraternity to foster an environment where bright students of all majors can work together and make a difference.

The closeness of social relationships formed by the fraternity translates well into the start-up environment where communication between a close-knit group is vital for success. Unlike your average student organization, we also provide a comprehensive education as part of the pledge process, covering the fundamentals of taking a start-up from an idea to a business.